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Why do partnerships matter?

| Mar 3, 2020

The Power of 5 Campaign is built to accommodate partnerships because we’re fighting a big global issue – childhood malnutrition – and no single group can do it all.

We partner with Amway Business Owners and employees to raise funds to support the campaign. We also raise awareness about malnutrition, so more people understand the importance of good nutrition.

We partner with Opportunity International, a global humanitarian organization that serves more than 10 million families in 23 countries around the world. Amway is one of nearly 50 partner companies in the Opportunity Network.

And we partner with organizations like Headstart Kids, a non-profit group that serves the people of South Africa by transforming early childhood development.

Indonesia Hands Up Header

The main goal of Headstart Kids is to provide pre-school age children (ages six months to 5 years old) from low-income families with solutions that focus on their emotional, social, health and psychological needs.

We’re proud that Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ is one of the solutions they offer families to help malnourished children get off to a good start in life. They believe that healthy children contribute to a healthy world and a healthy economy.

We couldn’t agree more.

Headstart fieldworkers visit early childhood development centers to deliver Nutrilite™ Little Bits™, track children’s growth and development, and provide training to teachers about how to effectively add Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ to children’s meals once a day.

Nursing students and qualified nurses administer additional tests, including those that evaluate iron deficiency. Eye and hearing tests are done when funding is available.

The Nutrilite™ Power of 5 Campaign partners with over 25 organizations around the world in our fight against childhood malnutrition. Our on-the-ground associates and local governments have a clear understanding of local needs and cultures and are experienced in delivering help that can be accepted and implemented in their very wide-ranging locations.

Please join us and donate today.