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Where Do Malnourished Children Live?

| Apr 11, 2018

Every country in the world deals with childhood malnutrition in at least one of its forms — undernutrition or obesity/overweight. The Malnutrition Mapping Project, developed by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) in partnership with Amway, shows the global burden of malnutrition.

As the challenge of malnutrition rises on the global development agenda, it is apparent that it is manifesting in several ways — and addressing the multiple burdens of malnutrition is within every country’s interest.

For example, Asia and Africa lose 11% of their GDP every year as a result of malnutrition, while China loses over 1% of its GDP due to obesity.

In addition, we now are witnessing an upsurge in non-communicable diseases like cancers, heart disease and type II diabetes, placing a huge additional burden on health services, societies and economies; often those the least equipped to cope with multiple burdens of malnutrition and its consequences. In fact, six of the top 11 risk factors for the global burden of disease are related to diet.

This project is part of Amway’s commitment to the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Business Network, which brings members of the private sector together to explore their role in solutions to malnutrition.

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