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Thank You!!! Our Virtual Run Was a Clear Winner

| Oct 20, 2020

World Food Day is an annual event that spotlights the everyday goals of the Power of 5 Campaign. Many thanks to those who participated in our virtual race or took this opportunity to make a donation. One hundred percent of the money received is now supporting our active programs to fight childhood malnutrition.

Your participation and support has helped us reach hundreds of thousands of malnourished children. We’re now working with partners in 14 countries and we’re so proud of the daily growth and development that these kids are experiencing.

Po5 Brazil Thank You

The fight against childhood malnutrition is a global effort. Many outstanding organizations are helping organize action so that we work together to make a difference. In fact, one of our allies in this effort, the World Food Programme (WFP), recently received the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their efforts to address hunger and promote food security. We are proud to be aligned with them and so many other world-class organizations that are helping children and adults get the nutrition they need to be healthy.

Looking ahead, we are busy getting ready for holidays which is often an important season of giving. As you consider your plans, please remember that childhood malnutrition can be prevented. And when we help children get the proper nutrients, then can grow up to be healthier adults. Good nutrition really is a gift that keeps on giving.

To make a donation, please visit this page. If you’d like to do some online fundraising, consider starting a My Power of 5 Event. This program supports an actual event or helps you mark a special occasion. Thanks for your support.