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See the Power of 5 at Work in India

| Apr 23, 2020

All photos and information shared as part of our Nutrilite™ Power of 5 Campaign are of people who are participating in our programs. In addition to fighting childhood malnutrition, our offerings vary from place to place, depending on local needs and cultural influences.

In India, for example, we’ve been working with Opportunity International and Healing Fields Foundation to provide training and support to 200 community health facilitators (CHFs) in rural northern India. These CHFs are women from poor areas who receive training so they can provide their communities with frontline health services, education on nutrition and sanitation, and access to inexpensive, but often unavailable health products, like sanitary napkins.

The pilot has successfully completed training of 215 women who reach 200,000 people with education and 15,000 households with products. See for yourself. We are so proud of their progress.