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Program expansion announcements

| Aug 20, 2018

Thanks to your support, the Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign is expanding our reach and will be supporting an additional 60,000 children by the end of 2018. That includes:
• 3,000 more children in Haiti
• 45,000 more children in Honduras
• 2,000 more children in Indonesia
• 10,000 more children in South Africa

This growth will happen with new and existing distribution partners and is already underway. We are pleased to be moving closer to our goal of providing 500,000 children around the world with Nutrilite Little Bits.

Here’s how this expansion will roll out:

In August, we will work with Word en Daad in Haiti to provide Nutrilite Little Bits as part of a school-based program. Kids will receive Nutrilite Little Bits every day as a part of their school lunches. We will train teachers, cafeteria workers and nurses as well as parents about how to use Nutrilite Little Bits. Education programs will also cover good nutrition and feeding.

Later this year, in Honduras, we will partner with CARE and Hogares Gestores de Atención en Salud. By the end of 2018, this program which is based in health centers and clinics, will help malnourished children and will provide nutrition and health education to families.

In Indonesia, we will be expanding with our current partners, DKI Jakarta and the government of Pekalongan region, to reach more than 3,000 children in total – a 200 percent growth.

Nutrilite Power of 5 – Jakarta Indonesia

In South Africa, we will expand our existing efforts with Acorn Foundation and Head Start Kids. Both programs operate through local creches/ preschools to provide Nutrilite Little Bits to their students. The Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign also will train teachers and school staff as well as the children about proper nutrition.

Around the world, the Power of 5 Campaign works with non-governmental organizations and humanitarian groups to distribute Nutrilite Little Bits as part of established programs. Our long-term goal is to create sustainable behavior changes that benefit entire families as well as malnourished children. In addition to Nutrilite Little Bits, this requires education about health and nutrition, skills training to help boost a family’s economic status and supplemental food. Children’s growth is also monitored as part of all programs.

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