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On the Ground in South Africa

| Jun 23, 2020

When we talk about being “on the ground,” we’re describing our work with people who participate in the Power of 5 Campaign programs around the world. These are usually remote locations where our help is needed most.

We partner with more than 25 humanitarian and government organizations in 14 countries to deliver Nutrilite™ Little Bits™, food rations, education programs, and/or other support initiatives depending on local need.

In South Africa, for example, we partner with Acorn Foundation. They recently told us they have already exceeded 2020 goals for the number of participants in the Power of 5 program. Right now, they are reaching more than 33,000 children with Nutrilite™ Little Bits™, food supplies, and other assistance. This year, they also have trained 500 caregivers and educators to provide families with information about nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene. These new caregivers will join the 1,250 who are already helping children and families in need.

Indonesia Hands Up Header

Like many, they were under lockdown orders to avoid the spread of COVID-19, but were able to find ways to distribute supplies by partnering with Mercy Air and other transport companies that had valid permits to distribute critical food, protective gear, and medical supplies.

We are so proud of their progress and look forward to continuing our work together. With your help, we’ll be able to deepen our commitment to this program and others like it around the world.