As the Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign has grown, we have received outstanding ideas, requests and input from our teams around the world. We’re looking for ways to expand the program to address local needs, so we can serve as many malnourished children as possible.

Malnutrition is present in every country regardless of income levels or economic security. It directly causes – or contributes to – the death of 3.1 million children every year, according to the World Health Organization. Another 155 million children are stunted, and beyond that, poor nutrition in the first 5 years of life contributes to overweight and obesity in childhood and throughout all life stages. These are the multiple burdens of malnutrition.

Malnutrition is also preventable. And that encourages hundreds of thousands of Amway Business Owners, employees, customers, friends and family members to get involved.

The Power of 5 is expanding again – this time in a whole new way. We’re working with our affiliates in Argentina, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and India to add local Power of 5 programs that fight childhood malnutrition with nutrition and health education and a variety of additional tools. These programs will be funded and operated locally. Nutrilite products may be offered depending on local customs and regulations. But these programs will not include Nutrilite Little Bits.

What’s most important is that we’re fighting childhood malnutrition together and helping tens of thousands more kids survive, thrive and grow.

For example, Amway India has recently launched a Power of 5 program which includes nutrition education and community-based education about disease prevention. Additionally, Amway India will provide protein powder to support children’s diets and help address the significant diet deficiencies that are prevalent in the country. Initial efforts will impact 10,000 children directly and an additional 20,000 community members. More than 60 facilitators will help educate families of malnourished children age 5 and younger by going door-to-door to share information about nutrition and free immunizations.

Simrat Bishnoi, head of corporate communications and corporate social responsibility for Amway India, says that the vision is to have this Power of 5 program be self-sustainable. They are currently aligning with the Indian government’s mission for fighting malnutrition and are working with the MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child, a non-governmental organization partner.

Amway Business Owners in India will help with education, financial contributions and sharing information about the program which is expected to double soon.

We are so proud of the work being done by the team at Amway India. Please join us as we continue to work with the United Nations toward the goal of zero hunger and eliminating malnutrition in all its forms by 2030.