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Join us and fight childhood malnutrition

| Jul 20, 2018

There are many ways you can help the Power of 5 Campaign provide daily nutrients to more malnourished children. For example, click the Donate button to go directly to a page where you can make a 1-time or a monthly donation. Just $10 provides a full month of Nutrilite Little Bits to a malnourished child and 100 percent of your money will go directly to the campaign.

Or, click the Participate button and create a fundraiser of your own. Go the My Power of 5 Events and click to get started. After you enter the details, you will get your own event page with a link you can share on your social media channels or in an email to tell family, friends and colleagues about your involvement in the Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign.


Your customized page includes a widget that lets donors choose how many children they want to help and calculates their donation. Donors complete their gift right from your page and every dollar collected goes directly to purchasing Nutrilite Little Bits for a malnourished child!

Your page automatically updates after each donation and displays how many children you’ve supported. Thank you for joining us and helping more malnourished children survive, thrive and grow.