Introducing Eric, one of the Nutrilite Little Bits champions

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Introducing Eric, one of the Nutrilite Little Bits champions

| Nov 18, 2020

One of the joys of the Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign is meeting the children who benefit from our work. This is the story of Eric, a boy from South Africa with a big story and a happy ending. His mom, Ashley, was kind enough to tell us about Eric’s health condition and the help he got from Nutrilite Little Bits and our partners at Acorn Foundation.

Eric is an active five-year-old, with an incredibly adventurous spirit. Eric is small for his age, but his energy and shear tenacity more than make up for it. Trying to put him to bed is always a struggle because he doesn’t want to miss out on any fun.

He has common variable immune deficiency, which means his body is unable to make antibodies or fight any form of infection. The diagnosis was made while he was very sick with pneumonia, a collapsed lung and septic shock.

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When we needed to be in full lock-down due to COVID-19, we were unable to take Eric for his basic check-ups, yet his condition put him at high risk. I wanted to do all I could so I asked our local Lions Club to help us get decent supplements because I couldn’t find any in the stores. They contacted Sue Smit, CEO of Acorn Foundation, a partner in the Power of 5 Campaign. Acorn provided a six-month supply of Nutrilite Little Bits that he has taken as well as antibiotics and other supplements to boost his immune system.

Since then, Eric has gained weight and had fewer illnesses. He has better color in his cheeks, a bigger appetite and, according to his mother, “he has far too much energy now and we are struggling to keep up with his growth spurts.” Eric is also more social and is able to play with cousins and friends (always with a mask, protective screen, and gloves) since his immune system is stronger.

We love to hear these success stories and are so proud of everyone who has helped Eric along the way. Please share his story and learn more about the Power of 5 Campaign by watching our videos. We welcome your support. Donations made here will help us support more kids like Eric.