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1.067 Million children under the age of 5 are stunted

(Too short for age)

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Malnutrition is associated with poor brain development

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Dki jakarta health agency & the sumba foundation

Partner with the Nutrilite™ Power of 5 campaign. The Dki jakarta health agency is a government organization and the sumba foundation provides a community based solution.

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In Indonesia, groups of health volunteers known as cadres, work in their communities to educate families about keeping their infants and young children healthy and safe. Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ is one of the solutions that cadres offer and they report that they are seeing children become more active and have healthier immune systems. Parents are also more conscious of their child’s health and are providing more nutritional food options. “When they start, most kids are not active and don’t like to eat food,” said Eka, a cadre who works with several families. “In just a few short months, they are happier, talkative and show regular improvement.”

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Amway has launched the Nutrilite™ Power of 5 campaign to fight childhood malnutrition around the world. Although malnutrition is a widespread and growing problem, it is preventable. As a leader in nutrition, Amway is in an ideal position to help.

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