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How do we impact the world?

| Mar 25, 2020

At Amway, the Power of 5 Campaign is part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. It’s one of the ways we go beyond our business to combine our products, resources and operations with our values to benefit people and the world.

Every year, we create an Impact Report to showcase our progress. We align with many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to do our part to empower and engage people and create a more sustainable environment.

This lets us bring stories of our Power of 5 Campaign to people around the world, both inside and outside of the company. We can share the feedback that we got from Dr. Blanca Lidia Bonilla, coordinator of the health unit of Horcones, who works in the health establishment in the municipality of Yamaranguila, Honduras.

Indonesia Hands Up Header

She tells us there are many cases of children with malnutrition due to the local prevalence of a lack of food, poor preparation of food, and more. She added that Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ has everything necessary to help growth and development because it is a complete vitamin supplement and it has been accepted by the mothers.

The children who have been provided with the supplement show significant improvements. During appointments, she said, mothers tell her they are happy because they notice a good change when they weigh their children and can see improvement in their children’s appetite.

Our Impact Report will also tell you about the engagement of our Amway Business Owners as they do social good all around the world. And you can get an update on our sustainability initiatives, which include organic farming, tracing our ingredients and repurposing of products.

We invite you to learn more about how we will continue to the fight against childhood malnutrition, create opportunities for people to make improvements in their own communities, and take action to improve the health of our environment. With help from our company, Amway Business Owners, Amway employees and so many others, we’re proud to be making this a better world.