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El Salvador

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128,000 Children under the age of 5 are stunted

(Too short for age)

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Malnutrition is associated with poor brain development

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Who live in the most impoverished areas of the country suffer from chronic malnutrition


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Partner with the Nutrilite™ Power of 5 campaign to reach children in the most remote and impoverished areas.

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Dayana, from Coatepeque, Santa Ana,
is three and a half years. Her mother says that since Dayana started taking Nutrilite™ Little Bits,™ she has gained 2kg and her health and appetite have increased considerably. Dayna’s mother, Zulma, says that she has also experienced a positive change through the Nutrilite™ Power of 5 Campaign. Attending home workshops has allowed her to learn new recipes, have better hygienic habits when cooking and consuming food, and she is making new friends and interacting with her neighbors, overcoming her shyness.

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Amway has launched the Nutrilite™ Power of 5 campaign to fight childhood malnutrition around the world. Although malnutrition is a widespread and growing problem, it is preventable. As a leader in nutrition, Amway is in an ideal position to help.

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