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Does Nutrilite Little Bits Work?

| Apr 11, 2018

Yes! A 6-month clinical study of Nutrilite Little Bits was conducted with children age 1 to 5 in the Mazahua area of Mexico. With the help of Un Kilo de Ayuda, a local non-governmental organization, children were given a daily supply of Nutrilite Little Bits along with a care package of nutritious food.

By the end of the study, there were major improvements in their health status. Many children had iron deficiency anemia at the beginning of the study. After 6 months, there were significant improvements in their hemoglobin levels, anemia status and weight along with fewer signs of stunting.

The children’s caregivers reported that throughout the study, the children had increasingly better levels of activity and they were more playful, more communicative and more interested in learning.

Nutrilite Works