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Amway Vietnam’s plan to support more than 85,000 malnourished children

| Dec 9, 2019

The Power of 5 Campaign is supported by many people and organizations around the world. Together, we’re fighting childhood malnutrition by partnering with local groups that provide food and other resources to help malnourished children up to age 5 get the nutrients they need for healthy development of their brains and bodies.

We are currently engaged with partners in 14 countries around the world and each one is unique, depending on local needs and customs.

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In Vietnam, for example, our Amway affiliate has been engaged with the Power of 5 Campaign since 2015. They recently celebrated the launch of the “Nutrition Improvement for Children Under 5 Years Old” project in Nghe An province. The ceremony was attended by government officials, Amway leaders and second runner-up Miss Vietnam 2018.

Childhood malnutrition is an important issue in Vietnam. According to UNICEF, Vietnam is home to 1.8 million children under the age of 5 who suffer from chronic malnutrition and are at risk of permanent physical and brain damage.

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In April 2019, Amway Vietnam accelerated their involvement in the Power of 5 Campaign and signed an agreement with the Department of Maternal and Child Health. Through the Vietnam Ministry of Health, Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ will be delivered to local medical stations working with the provincial Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Within the next two years, the project is expected to provide Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ to more than 85,000 children in Nghe An and Ha Giang provinces.

Amway Vietnam is encouraging involvement from their Amway Business Owners with events and a writing contest that offers prizes to people who share their Power of 5 story with the Amway Vietnam Facebook page.

We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved and are looking forward to seeing the success that comes when these children get the nutrients they need to survive, thrive, and grow. Click here to share your Power of 5 story!